Thursday, August 19, 2010

So much so fast!

We have walls! Holy cow... imagine our surprise when we went up on Tuesday evening and this is what we saw - a mere 3 days after breaking ground! I am heading up tomorrow to show my mom... apparently the tar is up on the walls and they are starting to back fill. So much fun! I try to go up only every 2 or 3 days so more is done. :-)

Boy, does it look small though! I know it's the right house... but it sure doesn't seem like I can fit two cars in that garage...


  1. I'm amazed by how fast it's going up! Judging from the other blogs, you're frame will be up in no time!

  2. I am surprised at how much rock or what looks like rock came out of the ground

  3. There is a lot of rock... that's one of the reasons the yards aren't great up there for a few years. Rocks keep churning up. My husband has a lot of work cut out for him (good thing he enjoys that stuff). :-)

    On a positive note, my father in law is a civil engineer (we're going to build him a shed up there so he can oversee :-)) and was pleased in that the house will be on a strong base... no way that puppy is moving. But, it would make it hard to dig the footers for a deck (although most up there have them)... I think we'll be looking more towards an omnistone patio...

    km... I am shocked at how fast it's going up (in a good way)... yours will be in the same place before you know it! It seemed like forever until they broke ground and now it is going by soooo fast.