Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stopping by the House...

Wow, it's been a few days since our last post... Never realized how busy we would be and we still have 2 months until we move in! So much still to buy and decide (e.g., blinds, paint colors, etc.).

Have been stopping up at the house every couple of days and have noticed a few things.
  • There is some cracked block in the foundation that will be visible in the garage once the house is finished... it is also below where the beam will sit. There were also some pretty big seams (mortar) visible.
  • Cracked pipe outside of the house - but they are still working on the pipe work. Will check that one out later today. Tooks lots of pictures.
  • Lots of masonary blocks laying around in what will eventually be the concrete floor. My father in law (former inspector for these types of things) is not too pleased about that... as things settle, they will settle within the holes of the block and the block will break down... could cause cracking in concrete. Apparently this is something builders will often do?

Our project manager is awesome! My husband e-mailed him about the block defects and had a response within a day that he was aware of it already and they would be taken care of. Gives some peace of mind that he is on top of things (not that we doubted it :-)).

Can't wait to see what they have done the past couple of days. The neighbor's house arrived on Monday and I believe ours arrives next week. :-) If only we could be there when it arrives... We know the day, but apparently, it could arrive at any time during the day and we don't want to sit there and wait.

Wow, does that house look tiny with only the foundation on there. :-)

Our advice throughout this process (and from others who have built with ANY builder - I should point out, that this isn't just a Ryan recommendation, but even for custom builders)... stop by and see what's going on periodically (maybe not as often as we do)...

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