Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final walk through and closing

Wow! I thought I would be posting pictures by now... We had our final walk through on Friday (took nearly 3 hours), as well as closing. The walk through was neat - we were able to see everything that we hadn't seen yet. It's so pretty! The closing only took about an hour. I expected a longer time - something similar to the mortgage paperwork.

Busy painting, painting, painting. The movers come Friday to move the large items I don't want to be broken (e.g., armoire, etc.)... friends and family moving on Saturday. I agree with the earlier posting. It is crazy busy - and I took the week off from work. Pictures will follow! I swear...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Wow! It's hard to believe our final walk-through is next Friday and so is the closing... We were up there Monday and there are steps and a driveway! The brick and exterior is all finished and beautiful. There is only one other house in the plan with our brick (Bisque) and a separate one with our siding... Together, I love them. I will post pictures.

The cabinets were up and they were painting the last time we were in there. It remains to be seen if/how much we will need to sand when we move in before we paint.

It's amazing how much there is to do. Tomorrow, we meet with the blind people... and continue packing. We were ahead... now we're behind. How did that happen??? :-)

I can't believe it's already almost done. We'll be in for trick or treat!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good news! And an extra outlet recommendation...

Woohoo! They moved up our closing/settlement date to October 22 - the same day as our final walk through. :-) Can't wait!

We have a garage door and they are working on dry wall... front brick should start this week.

And one thing I forgot to mention that we added one (due to a recommendation from a friend - Thanks Joe!)... we added an outlet in the walk in closet so we could use a steamer or an iron in there. Such a great idea!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving Right Along...

Moving right along... earlier this week, the electrician, HVAC, and plumbing guys were all hard at work on the house. My husband finally met with the Guardian guy on Tuesday to go over again where we wanted things. We forgot to tell him about the pet alley for the security system and we needed to move a few outlets (the kind that you can plug cable into)...

We were less than thrilled with the responsiveness of Guardian. We had tried to call our rep (and e-mailed him) before vacation and he never called back (originally called him around August 23). Called him again on Monday and when he called back he said Ryan had been moving everything up (how is that a bad thing?) and he hadn't had enough time to call us already... uh... how about nearly two weeks before that when we called him with questions. Sorry to rant, my biggest pet peeve is when someone makes excuses instead of just accepting responsiblity, fixing it, and moving on. Anyway, it is now taken care of and it should be all set.

Tonight is our pre-drywall meeting. I always look forward to these meetings even if it's not much new... it's fun to go up and talk to someone about the house (even if we're up there mostly every day). :-)

There sure is a lot of flourescent orange paint around the house... the project manager was up there telling them what to correct. I never would have noticed half those things - definitely gives peace of mind to see how dilligent he is.

Hoping that somehow we can get our final walk through and closing on the same day... seems bizarre that one is on Friday and the other on Tuesday. No one else in the area has done that and it's hard to arrange a work schedule for that and several vacation days would be wasted. Can't hurt to ask to get them on the same day. :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And, while we were away, the workmen did play!

Wow! While we were away, they framed the inside and put the tubs in. They marked where the appliances would be, finished the basement floor, and put in windows and doors!!! And, we also have HVAC in there already! All of this done in one week! So much so fast... and we can't wait to move in.

And, while we were away, we also locked in the interest rate... 4.25%. We are thrilled! These record breaking rates are amazing! I guess there is something with a credit from NVR... that is not incorporated into the 4.25%. Regardless, our annual percentage rate will be 4.95%... we can definitely live with that - it's nearly .2% lower than our original good faith estimate and will save a whole lot of money in interest over the course of the loan (something like $14k) and in the closing costs.
We got a call from the electrician that they are a few days ahead of schedule and they will be in there tomorrow (Monday) to begin wiring.
There is even more... we have our closing date... our pre-settlement meeting is Friday, October 22 and our Settlement meeting is Tuesday, October 26... Everything is happening so quick. Good thing we started packing a while ago!

On the second day... we had a second floor!

Imagine our surprise when we went up on Wednesday and had a second floor! (September 1)

So much done in one week! First Floor!

So many posts I missed... we were up at the house every day before we left for the beach - luckily Earl had no impact on the vacation. But it was very hard to be down there and wondering what was going on up here. Even with pictures, we couldn't wait to get home and see what was done!

Monday, August 30 - the wood arrived!

Tuesday, August 31... We have a first floor. Holy Crap! Those were the first words I uttered when we drove up that day.

Ryan forgot that we had a fireplace... but they simply framed it in instead. No problem!

And, the stairway to Heaven, as we like to call it...

And, on a side note, the french drain has been fixed where it was crushed. The excavator blamed the plumber and vice versa. Doesn't matter to me who did it... but it is now fixed. :-)