Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Final walk through and closing

Wow! I thought I would be posting pictures by now... We had our final walk through on Friday (took nearly 3 hours), as well as closing. The walk through was neat - we were able to see everything that we hadn't seen yet. It's so pretty! The closing only took about an hour. I expected a longer time - something similar to the mortgage paperwork.

Busy painting, painting, painting. The movers come Friday to move the large items I don't want to be broken (e.g., armoire, etc.)... friends and family moving on Saturday. I agree with the earlier posting. It is crazy busy - and I took the week off from work. Pictures will follow! I swear...


  1. That's great! So glad you're happy with your new home. Good luck with the move.

  2. As you get to the end of your process we are just beginning. We have finally jumped into the fray. Follow us as we document our experience here: