Friday, September 17, 2010

Moving Right Along...

Moving right along... earlier this week, the electrician, HVAC, and plumbing guys were all hard at work on the house. My husband finally met with the Guardian guy on Tuesday to go over again where we wanted things. We forgot to tell him about the pet alley for the security system and we needed to move a few outlets (the kind that you can plug cable into)...

We were less than thrilled with the responsiveness of Guardian. We had tried to call our rep (and e-mailed him) before vacation and he never called back (originally called him around August 23). Called him again on Monday and when he called back he said Ryan had been moving everything up (how is that a bad thing?) and he hadn't had enough time to call us already... uh... how about nearly two weeks before that when we called him with questions. Sorry to rant, my biggest pet peeve is when someone makes excuses instead of just accepting responsiblity, fixing it, and moving on. Anyway, it is now taken care of and it should be all set.

Tonight is our pre-drywall meeting. I always look forward to these meetings even if it's not much new... it's fun to go up and talk to someone about the house (even if we're up there mostly every day). :-)

There sure is a lot of flourescent orange paint around the house... the project manager was up there telling them what to correct. I never would have noticed half those things - definitely gives peace of mind to see how dilligent he is.

Hoping that somehow we can get our final walk through and closing on the same day... seems bizarre that one is on Friday and the other on Tuesday. No one else in the area has done that and it's hard to arrange a work schedule for that and several vacation days would be wasted. Can't hurt to ask to get them on the same day. :-)

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  1. We had the same issue with our Guardian Rep ... even once we moved in and needed to have a few things explained to us. It WAS disappointing and I agree with you - accept responsibility and move along!!